What is LINC !?



LINC provides real estate for residential and investment to Japanese and foreigners. By having partnerships with various professionals such as first-class architects, lawyers, judicial scrivener, administrative scrivener, etc. that can correspond to foreign languages, we provide solutions tailored to their needs.

居住用不動産事業部   (Housing Division)

大きな買い物だから失敗はしたくない。でも、何を基準にしたらいいかわかりにくいのが不動産売買。 LINCでは、何かと感覚的になりがちな不動産選びについて、その人の感覚は大事にしながらも、客観的なデータ、調査内容からベストなソリューションをご提案します。

Real estate is a big shopping so everyone does not want to fail. However, real estate buying and selling is hard to understand what to choose as a selection criterion. LINC will propose the best solution from objective data and survey content while taking care of that person's sense of real estate selection that tends to be sensuous.


投資用不動産事業部 (Investment Division)


From single unit property to whole building, LINC will propose not only from the investment point of view but also for the future life of customers. Although it is a real estate selection that tends to be sensuous, we propose the best solution based on objective data and survey contents while treating that person's sense.




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LINC から始まる、新しい空間づくり、生活づくりのご提案です。
It is a proposal for creating new space and life starting from LINC.

What's new

I will tell you about the activities of LINC and our new service.

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